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3S2P 18650 11.1V Li-ion Battery Pack

Model Number: WMP-L03S2P-1

Item Specification Remark
Nominal capacity 6000mAh Samsung Cell18650-30A
Nominal voltage 11.1v 3.7v / cell
Charging voltage 8.6v±0.5v 4.2v / cell
Charging method CC / CV Constant current and voltage with limited current
Standard charging time 2000mA/3.5hrs, 3000mA/2.5hrs Battery capacity / charging current x 1.5
Charging current 3000mA(0.5C) 0 ~ +40℃
Max charging current 6000mA(1C) 0 ~ +40℃
Continuous discharging current 6000mA(1C) -20 ~ +60℃
Discharge cutoff voltage 7.5v 2.5v / cell
Short circuit protection Exterior short circuit Auto recovery
Internal resistance ≤200mΩ AC impedance 1kHz
Cycle life ≥500
Operating temperature Standard charge 0 ~ +40℃
Standard discharge -20 ~ +60℃
Dimension size L60 x W38 x H68 Length x Wide x Height
Pre - wired Red = Positive, Black = Negative
Protection Circuit Module : WMB-L04S05-930
Max continuous charging current 5A
Max continuous discharging current 5A
Over-charge detection voltage 4.35v ± 0.025v Single cell
Over-charge release voltage 4.05v ± 0.05v Single cell
Over-charger detection delay time 0.7s ~1.3s Single cell
Over-discharge detection voltage 2.5v ± 0.062v Single cell
Over-discharge release voltage 3.0v ± 0.01v Single cell
Over-discharge release delay time 89 ~167mS Single cell
Over-current detection 15A ± 3A Adjustable
Over-current delay time 6.7 ~ 13.9mS
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