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DC-DC Converter for Car, 600W, 12V 50A
Rated Voltage: 12Vdc
Rated Current: 50A Max


Application Scope:

Suit electric car, truck, automobile equipment and etc .

   Detail Specification: ¡¡
1. ¡¾Rating Input Voltage¡¿£º24Vdc/36Vdc /48Vdc /60Vdc/ 72Vdc/144Vdc with different model.
2. ¡¾Rated Output Voltage and Current¡¿£º12V, 50A
3. ¡¾Efficiency¡¿£º>90%
4. ¡¾Environmental Enclosure¡¿: IP68
5. ¡¾Shock and Vibration¡¿£ºSAEJ1378
6. ¡¾Safety-North America¡¿£ºUL2202/UL1564 2nd Edition
7. ¡¾Emissions- North America¡¿: FCC Part 15/ICES 003 Class A
8. ¡¾Immunity-Europe¡¿£ºEN61000-4-2/3/5/6/11
9. ¡¾Operating Temperature¡¿£º-20¡æ-50¡æ(-22-122)
10.¡¾Water and Vibration Proofed¡¿: All sealed by silica glue to get water and vibration proof, which is suitable for
      all kinds of condition.
11.¡¾Input reverse polarity protection¡¿: Shut down, auto¨Creset.
12. ¡¾Water Proofed Fuse¡¿: Input or output fuse, simple wiring.
13.¡¾No Arc¡¿:
Input with no arc, can be controlled by key switch directly, without contactor
14.¡¾Short Circuit¡¿:
Shut down with little plus current, auto¨Creset, ensure the wire safety.
15.¡¾Superheating Cutback¡¿: Reduce output current if the temperature is over 65¡æ, ensure the continuous power
      for your car.
16.¡¾Input Reverse Polarity¡¿: Electronic protection, auto¨Creset
17.¡¾Input Low Protection¡¿:
Shut down, auto¨Creset, prevent the battery from over discharging.
Model Number Battery Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
WMDC-2412 24V 12V 50A Max
WMDC-3612 36V 12V 50A Max
WMDC-4812 48V 12V 50A Max
WMDC-7212 72V 12V 50A Max
WMDC-9612 96V 12V 50A Max
WMDC-12012 120V 12V 50A Max
WMDC-14412 144V 12V 50A Max

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