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SZ ABT 1200W Big Power Charger

| 12V 50A | 24V 35A | 36V 25A | 48V 20A | 60V 15A |  72V 12A | 84V 10A


Application Scope:

Suit for Power battery charger, Electric car charger, Floor scrubber machine charger, Forklift charger, AGV charger, Golf car charger and etc .


   Detail Specification:  
1. 【Rated Input Voltage】:100 ~ 240Vac  50/60Hz .
2. 【Max. Output Power】:1200W
3. 【Efficiency】:>85%
4. 【Size & Weight】:303.5*150*89.5(mm) ; 3.85kg about .
5. 【Charger Model】:Two models can be chose, 1. CC CV Floating charge; 2. CC CV Cut off, MCU control .
6. 【Charger Indicator】:Red: charging  Green: finish / idle .
7. 【Output Protection】:Over current, over voltage, short-circuit and anti-reverse polarity protection .
8. 【Safety Approve】:CE、UL、CCC、PSE、CB 、KC .

1200W Big Power Charger Series:
No Nominal Output Voltage Constant Voltage Constant Current Cut-off Current
Li-ion LiFePO4 Lead-Acid Lithium Lead-Acid
1 12V 16.8V 14.6V 14.7V 50A 5~10% CC 20% CC
2 24V 29.4V 29.2V 29.4V 35A
3 36V 42V 43.8V 44.1V 25A
4 48V 54.6V 58.4V 58.8V 20A
5 60V 71.4V 73V 73.5V 15A
6 72V 84V 87.6V 88.2V 12A
7 84V 100.8V 102.2V 102.9V 10A
Note : For more customized specification, please contact us directly.

1200W charger with LCD display 1200W charger with non LCD display
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